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4 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

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Traveling with your little one and scared to be that parent that everyone on the plane glares at? We’ve all been there, and you are certainly not alone! While babies are on a schedule of their own, get the tried and true tips for a smoother day of travel in today’s post by Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique.

A baby drinking from a bottle

Be Over Prepared with the Essentials

Even if your flight is short, it’s always wise to pack more than you need. Consider loading up on twice as much  baby essentials, including diapers, snacks, formula, etc. After all, it’s common to experience delays or canceled flights, and when this happens, you’ll want to be prepared. 

Avoid an unhappy baby that is hungry, thirsty, and in a dirty diaper from being stuck on the tarmac, circling above from a storm, etc., and bring double the necessities.

A mom sitting on a plane with her baby

Take Advantage of Priority Boarding

Most of the major airlines allow those with children to board first, so if there is priority boarding, take advantage of it! It makes for a much less stressful transition into the plane — you have time to put your stuff in the overhead bins and get everyone settled before everyone else. 

Another lesser known tip: Some airports have security that ushers you to the front of the line or to a family line. Just ask a security guard for assistance.

Mom pushing her baby in a stroller outside of an airport

Check Baby Gear at the Gate

You can take car seats, strollers, etc. all the way up to the gate and they will check them there. Don’t be worried about checking these items with your bags and having to worry about carrying your child before your flight — stroll right up to the gate with ease!

A baby sleeping with cozy blankets

Dress Your Baby For Comfy Travel

It’s vital to dress your baby comfortably, but also make it easy on you. Knotted gowns and two-piece sets allow for easier diaper changes, while swaddle blankets provide an extra layer of warmth if the airplane cabin gets cold. 

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