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4 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Baby

All moms want to feel special and appreciated on Mother’s Day, and what better way to spend this day than with the one who made you a mother? Though your baby may not be able to buy you a dozen roses, there are still a number of fun activities to do with your baby! You can use this day to create beautiful and special memories with your baby, and you’ll be reminiscing about these days twenty years from now, once your child is all grown up!

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Document the Day With Photos

From making breakfast to waking up your baby, capture the little and the big moments of today! Go old school with a Polaroid camera or take photos on your phone and print them out, so you can have tangible memories of this day. Take lots of selfies and ask your loved ones to take photos of you with your baby.

We recommend buying a photo album or a scrapbook to store these treasured moments for years to come! Years from now, when your baby has a child or children of their own, you’ll be able to share this album with them and laugh at all the memories you made from when you became a mother!

Take a Family Walk

This year has been considerably rough for families and especially for new parents. Enjoy some fresh air on this beautiful Sunday morning. After a nice breakfast or brunch with the family, put your baby in a stroller, and spend an hour under the sun!

If the weather is nice, you can also plan a picnic. Pack a few snacks and your baby’s favorite toys and really enjoy your time outdoors. If your baby is learning to walk, then hold their hands and practice walking on the soft grass to show off their sweet footwork!

For a cute, Kodak-moment, style your baby with an adorable Flower Turban! Not only are these flower head wraps perfect for pictures, but they’re also super comfortable and ultra soft.

mom with baby with flower headband

Get Your Craft On

If you don’t have tarp, then lay out a disposable table cloth to protect your floors from getting dirty and break out the fingerpaint!

Use a canvas, poster-board, or fabric, and start dabbing away. Dip your baby’s hand in the paint and stamp it onto your canvas, or create a few fingerprint flowers using just their thumb. Or let them take free reign with the paint and the canvas. The paint will wash right off in the bathtub, and after a good scrub, you can snuggle with your baby on the couch until they’re nice and dry.

If you’re not up for the mess and the stress, then opt for a salt-dough craft. All you need is some salt, flour, water, and an oven! You can form the salt-dough into the shape of a heart, and imprint your baby’s tiny little feet. After baking your salt-dough piece, you’ll have a memorable decoration to hang in your living room or on your bookshelf. Do this every year to see how your children have grown!

Bake Your Favorite Dessert!

Although baking with an infant child may be hard to do, it’s definitely possible to do with two year olds! Choose a simple recipe like blueberry muffins, banana bread, or chocolate chip cookies for a truly memorable experience. The trick is to do all the pouring and measuring, but once the ingredients are in a bowl, your toddler can do (some or most of) the mixing or kneading!

While your toddler waits for you to complete your steps, you can give them a blueberry or a little snack to chew on, or ask them to count 5 chocolate chips!

For some guaranteed laughs in the future, set your phone on a tripod or prop it up against a wall and record the entire baking process! Upload the video into your family chat room or onto your Facebook, and rewatch it years from now for a good chuckle.

And after stuffing your face with some sweet treats, slow down the pace, sit back, and snuggle your little one until you fall asleep together on the couch.

mom snuggle with baby in swaddle blanket

Whatever you choose to do, remember to enjoy the day with lots of hugs, kisses, and laughter. Today is the day to celebrate all the wonderful parts about being a mom! To join a community of loving moms and receive more inspiring ideas, join our newsletter and follow Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique on our Facebook and Instagram today!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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