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Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Fall and Winter Babies

For the new mom- or dad-to-be in your life, it’s time to shower them in fall- and winter-themed gifts! September marks the start of colder and cozier days, making it the perfect time to welcome the baby with some seasonal spirit. As you get ready for your best friend’s, sister’s, auntie’s, or niece’s baby shower, consider some autumn- or winter-themed gifts as a unique way of showing your love. Browse through our collections at Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique for more baby gift inspiration!

Cozy Swaddle Blankets

baby girl with blush pink swaddle blanket

One of the most comfortable feelings for a newborn baby is the feeling of being swaddled. Swaddling prevents a baby from flailing her arms and legs while asleep, which can trigger their startle reflex. Wrapping a newborn baby in a swaddle blanket will help keep them cozy and warm, just as they were in the womb.

Consider a bundle of Aubrey Gianna’s super soft, stretchy, and breathable swaddle blankets. Choose a couple solid autumnal colors such as rust, olive, or purple grey. Add in a swaddle blanket with a fun print, such as our Ella Swaddle Blanket, for some fun back-to-school vibes, or consider a swaddle blanket from our Lilly Collection for a more wintry tone.

3-In-1 Baby Car Seat Cover

mom tucking baby into car seat with baby car seat cover

An essential baby item that most new parents don’t know they need (until they have one) is a baby car seat cover. A car seat cover protects a baby’s face from the wind, rain, and snow, keeping them warm without smothering them in extra clothing layers. Wearing a coat in a car seat could be unsafe for the baby since the thickness could leave the seat harness too loose to be effective in the event of a car accident.

Gift your new mom-to-be a car seat cover from Aubrey Gianna that also triples as a breastfeeding cover as well as a fashionable infinity scarf. If you know she’ll be expecting her baby later in the year, consider a car seat cover from our Winter Rose Collection. This print features frosty pink roses with faded blue leaves to give off a sugarplum-sweet wintry vibe.

Top Knot Hats

baby boy swaddled in blue gingham blanket and top knot hat

Babies are still learning how to regulate their body temperature which is why it’s so important for them to keep their little heads warm when it gets colder. No matter the gender, any baby can benefit from an adorable top knot hat!

Our top knot hats are perfect for babies zero to three months old. Made from a super stretchy and ultra soft blend of bamboo fabric and Spandex, our top knot hats can be worn all day. Adjust the knot to make the hat tighter or looser depending on the size of the baby’s head.

Turban Hats

baby girl with full head ribbon turban hat

For the trendy mom, you should consider gifting a bundle of bow turbans or flower turbans! Turban hats are a great way to style a little one’s wardrobe effortlessly. Consider bundling fall colors like navy, burgundy, or brown, or more winter-themed colors like powder blue, light blue, or grey. Made of stretchy knit cotton fabric, our full-head baby turbans will keep their heads nice and warm from zero to six months old.

While other guests wrap up packs of diapers, pacifiers, and more baby bottles than the family will ever need, you can bundle up a thoughtful set of fall- and winter-inspired items the parents will actually start using the moment their baby comes home. Mix and match our baby essentials to create a personalized gift set for the soon-to-be parents in your life. Check out all of our collections at Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique for unique baby accessories and apparel!

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