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Benefits of Safe Baby Swaddling

Swaddling helps newborn babies feel safe, calms them down, and if you’re lucky, helps them sleep longer during their naps and throughout the night. It’s an age-old technique that parents have been using for centuries because it works! When done correctly, swaddling will make any new parent’s life a lot easier. At Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique, we carry a variety of ultra soft and super stretchy swaddle blankets in unique patterns.

Swaddling Mimics a Parent’s Touch

Wrapping your baby up in a swaddle blanket mimics the soft pressure of a mother’s or father’s embrace. When a baby is held, it triggers a self-soothing response, lowering their heart rate and decreasing their cortisol levels. Touch is fundamental to a baby’s neurological development, and by wrapping up your baby in a soft swaddle, they’ll feel as though they are in their parent’s arms.

Swaddling Helps With the Startling Reflex

Within the first three to four months, you’ll notice the Moro reflex, otherwise known as the startling reflex, in your baby. The Moro reflex is an involuntary motor reflex where your baby may flail their arms or legs spontaneously. Although this reflex is a sign of a healthy baby, the startling movements can wake a baby from their sleep. Swaddling helps mitigate those sudden movements, allowing your baby to sleep longer without being startled awake.

Swaddling Regulates a Baby’s Temperature

Swaddling your baby can help them maintain their body temperature as they sleep. Aubrey Gianna’s swaddle blankets are made from breathable cotton, so you can rest assured your baby will not overheat while they sleep. Beware of double-wrapping or wrapping your baby in thick blankets, as this can increase the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). All they need is a light layer underneath their swaddle blanket to feel warm and snug.

Additionally, experts recommend keeping your baby’s room at a comfortable temperature between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid overheating.

Swaddling Helps With the Transition to a Crib

When you swaddle your baby correctly, it’ll be much easier to move them from your arms to the crib. We all know babies have a sixth sense when it comes to no longer being rocked in your arms — even when they seem to be deep asleep, they can still sense the second you’ve started to put them down. With a swaddle, however, your baby will feel snug from your arms to their crib, decreasing the chances of them waking up as you set them down. You’ll notice how much easier the transition from your arms to the crib can be, giving you a little extra time to do what you want to do.

Swaddling is an ancient technique that’s been around for centuries, but there are some parents today who question its legitimacy. You may have heard that swaddling may contribute to hip dysplasia or that it could increase a baby’s risk of SIDS. There have been some studies that show that a tight swaddle around a baby’s hips could be bad for them in the long run. Doctors recommend keeping the swaddle loose around their hips, so that their legs are free to bend up and out.

As for increasing SIDS, if you swaddle your baby safely and correctly, their risk of SIDS decreases instead. Swaddling helps babies sleep on their back and immobilizes their arms so they cannot move or roll around. Once your baby is able to roll onto their stomach by themselves, you should no longer be swaddling. If they end up face down in their crib and cannot use their arms to get up, they are at risk of asphyxiation.

If you or a loved one are about to welcome a newborn baby into the world, Aubrey Gianna’s swaddle blankets are essential items to have in your closet. Even after your baby’s outgrown the swaddle blanket, they’ll still have a blankie to grow up with. Browse our swaddle blanket collections today for unique and beautiful patterns. Order a couple basic colors or mix-and-match different prints together to complement the look and feel of your nursery. Order yours today!

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