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Entertaining Your Toddler While Working At Home

Working from home can be amazing, especially for new parents who want to spend more quality time with their children. If you have older children, they’re self-sufficient enough to work on their homework, watch some TV, make a healthy snack when they’re hungry, and play games when they’re bored. For parents with newborn babies, it’s easy to find time to work during one of their several naps. If you have a toddler, however, life isn’t as smooth-sailing.

Toddlers have an inexplicable amount of energy and aren’t old enough to understand boundaries and why mommy can’t play with them right now. You may have to endure the same Disney princess movie for the 50th time that week while still managing phone calls with clients. For the busy moms and dads with toddlers, Aubrey Giann’s Boutique is here to share ways you can entertain your little one while you work from home!

Keep a Routine Schedule

Most parents understand the importance of keeping a steady schedule for their young children. When kids wake up, eat, nap, play, and sleep at the same time everyday, it will help them develop expectations for the day, giving them a better feeling of security. It brings comfort into their lives which in turn influences their emotional, cognitive, and social development.

Three and four-year-old toddlers have longer attention spans, so you may want to give them a single task for an hour or two. Tell them to play with their toys, dance, or paint until a certain time. If they don’t know how to read a clock, one parent suggests coloring the surface of your clock with dry-erase markers. Tell your kids that once the small arrow hits the “blue space,” then they’re allowed to move on to the next activity.

Take Advantage of Naptime

happy baby with grey cactus swaddle blanket

Toddlers are still at the age where they will benefit the most from taking naps. Though they may not use this time to sleep, it’s still important that they get the two or three hours to lie down and rest in a dark room. Use this time to deep-dive into your projects and assignments that require 100% of your concentration.

If your toddler wakes up and begins crying, as long as they are not crying out in pain, it’s okay to resist rushing in to help. This will also encourage them to self-soothe. If your little one is constantly having trouble taking a nap, then take a moment to think about why. Check to see if the temperature is cool enough that they’re not overheating. You should also take note of how much they eat for breakfast and lunch, and whether or not they’ve used the bathroom (or filled their diaper) before the nap.

To make nap time easier, consider ordering one of Aubrey Gianna’s soft Swaddle Blankets, made with super stretchy and cool fabric in a variety of adorable prints.

Hire a Babysitter or Helper

It’s okay to ask for help sometimes. If you have trouble finding a babysitter during the shelter-in-place rule, then consider a virtual babysitter or helper who can keep your toddler entertained for an hour or two through Zoom. They can engage them in learning and enhance their vocabulary just by talking with them, and help entertain them with virtual dance parties.

If you don’t know any babysitters or helpers around you, you can also ask Grandma or Grandpa to watch your little ones virtually or in real life. Chances are, your kids are very familiar with their grandparents, and will therefore be more willing to engage with them for longer periods of time.

Use this time to either make or eat lunch for yourself and your child, or schedule a meeting during this time, since you’ll be less likely to be interrupted.

Give Them Your Undivided Attention

There is no guarantee that you won’t be interrupted by your toddler. They love you so much and are constantly in need of your attention and presence for their own security. When you are off your computer and off your phone, make sure to give your toddler the utmost attention to play, teach, and engage with them. This will reinforce the idea that there is a time to play with mom and dad and a time to engage in independent play without mom and dad.

By giving them your undivided attention when you are off of work, they will feel confident and secure in your love for them.

mom and baby in floral swaddle blanket set

At Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique, we believe in sharing helpful tips with new moms and dads and building a community of loving parents through our blog posts, as well as our apparel and accessories. Every fabric and clothing item is baby-tested and baby-approved, so you can rest assured that as cute as your baby looks, they feel just as comfortable too. Browse through our collections at Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique today!

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