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How Color Affects Your Baby’s Mood

Though babies typically tend to perceive colors between two to three months of age, as they grow older, you’ll notice they will begin to react to certain colors better than others. According to color psychology, each color has the power to affect you in a mental and emotional way. This is true for both adults and for children.

While some colors may trigger feelings of intense passion, others will help soothe and relax you. Understanding the way that colors affect you and your baby can help you choose the right colors and themes for your baby’s nursery and wardrobe! In today’s blog, we’ll be going over how different colors influence you and your baby’s mood.

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Warm Colors

Warm colors exist in the red area of the color spectrum and can range from red to yellow. Warm colors typically evoke a range of feelings, from happiness and comfort to feelings of anger. It’s also mentally and emotionally stimulating and positively correlated with appetite. If you think about the McDonald’s logo, then you know that red and yellow are hunger-inducing colors!


When it comes to decorating your room, the color red attracts a lot of attention. Red is considered a “hot” color and a bold red color has the potential to evoke aggressive personality traits. If you’d really like to decorate your nursery with the color red, opt for a paler tone or a variety of washed-out shades to tone down the excitement. You can also keep your nursery a neutral color with small pops of red throughout the room.


Orange is a warm and inviting color. In between red and yellow, this color is a cozier alternative to the two bold ends. For a fun decorating idea, consider citrus-themed decorations. The bright, fruity atmosphere will feel friendly and inviting. For a less happy-go-lucky theme, opt for a darker or paler orange to create a cozy ambiance. Because the color orange is often found in nature, through sunsets, fruits, and animals, it’s the perfect color to pair with wooden furniture.


Yellow is a sunny and happy color, evoking high enthusiasm and cheerful thoughts. It’s also said to help with creative flow. When painting the entire room, be careful not to paint all the walls with a bright color, as too much of it can lead to irritation. Yellow is an energetic color that can lead to feelings of intense emotion. Consider painting just one accent wall, or choosing yellow accent pieces instead.


This iconic color is typically associated with femininity, romance, and everything girly! A bold fuchsia shade may evoke the same emotions that the color red does on a person, but a light pink shade is pleasing to the eye and can help calm children who are prone to throwing fits or tantrums. If you’re the parent who’s detail-oriented and likes to match every element in the room, check out our Aria Collection, made with a soft white fabric with a bright pink peony print!

Cool Colors

Some parents like to choose cooler colors for their rooms because it can open up space. Cool colors create a harmonious environment and often reminds us of elements in nature, such as water, space, or the sky.


A natural green is one of the most soothing colors to the human eye, as it reminds us of trees and nature. It provides us with an instinctual sense of security because of its tie to Mother Earth. Studies also show that the color green can increase reading ability in children! When painting the nursery, consider earthier hues like sage green or light olive green.


Purple is often associated with royalty and wisdom. A soft color like lavender or lilac can create a serene atmosphere. A brighter shade of purple can give a luxurious feel to the room, but too much bold or dark purple can make the room feel heavy and daunting. The key to a cooler toned room is to balance it with ivory, a light beige, and other warm whites for a more balanced look. 


Blue is said to calm the mind and body, by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Studies show that people who were exposed to blue hues (similar to the color of the sky) had decreased feelings of anxiety and aggression. When blue is paired with too many dark hues, it can create a drab, lonely aesthetic, but a few touches of light blue with other lighter colors can create a calming oasis. Our Lilly Collection Swaddle Blanket has the perfect touch of bright blue on a soft white fabric to match with the rest of your nursery.

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