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How to Knot-Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

  • February 27, 2020


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Swaddling is an age-old technique for calming babies and helping them fall asleep. There’s a good reason why this wrapping method has stuck around till this day. But for first-time parents, the idea of swaddling can be intimidating. If you’ve done the research, then you’ve probably seen the dangers of tucking too tight or not tucking tight enough, or crossing arms over the heart versus leaving arms down, by the sides. But with Aubrey Gianna’s step-by-step guide to making the ultimate (and adorable) baby burrito, you’ll be a swaddling-pro in no time. Today, we’ll be focusing on our signature knot-swaddle method!

two babies in floral knot swaddle blankets

Remember: the technique is half the battle. The other half is in choosing the softest, comfiest blanket for your little one. Aubrey Gianna’s Swaddle Blankets are made to be super soft, stretchy, and breathable, so your baby can fall asleep more soundly. Our blankets come in solid colors and unique floral prints that pair beautifully with our Bow Nylon Baby Headwraps, so your precious angel can feel secure while looking undeniably adorable.

5 Steps to Knot Swaddling


infographic on how to swaddle baby

Despite the many sitcoms poking fun at fathers having a hard time swaddling their baby, the technique is a lot easier than you think. In just five simple steps, you’ll have a sleeping baby in no time.

  1. Lay your Swaddle Blanket in a diamond shape
  2. Fold the blanket down, in half, to form an upside-down triangle
  3. Lay your baby in the center of the triangle, with shoulders aligned to the edge. Fold a corner over one arm, tucking it beneath the baby on the other side
  4. Fold the other corner over their second arm and tuck it under the baby
  5. Pull the remaining fabric at the base of their feet, and tie the end snugly into a knot

Benefits of Knot-Swaddling

Besides the obvious benefit of having an irresistibly cute baby burrito, swaddling your baby comes with many benefits:

  • Babies sleep longer and more soundly when swaddled
  • A swaddle blanket prevents babies from scratching their face
  • Swaddling helps maintain babies in the back-sleeping position
  • Babies are soothed because swaddling replicates the security of a womb
  • Swaddling helps babies stay warm, as their bodies learn how to regulate their internal temperature
  • Babies are less likely to startle themselves awake when swaddled
  • A knot-swaddle, specifically, makes it harder for babies to flail their legs out of the blanket

When your baby gets a little extra sleep, so do you — and we all know that’s the real perk of swaddling your little one.

Swaddling Safety Tips

As easy as swaddling can be, there are a few safe sleep guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). By practicing safe swaddling, your little one will have less trouble falling and staying asleep.

  • Avoid placing overly soft pillows, quilts, or toys with your sleeping baby. By adding extra-soft or warm materials around your baby, they may burrow their face in them which would block their airways.

  • Keep temperature cool and consistent. Your newborn is learning how to regulate their internal temperature. Many experts recommend keeping the nursery between 68 and 72 degrees. A light pair of pajamas and the swaddle blanket is enough to keep them comfortable. Sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, heat rash, or rapid breathing, are all signs your baby may be too hot.

  • Always lay your baby on their back. The safest position for babies to sleep in is on their back. If your baby sleeps on their tummy, they’re more likely to “rebreathe” their own air and start to overheat, which can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

    baby in blue knot swaddle blanket

    As your baby develops their motor skills, specifically the ability to roll over, it may be time to graduate them from swaddling! Luckily, Aubrey Gianna’s Swaddle Blankets can be used as a security blanket, stroller blanket, or as a daycare nap blanket. We’ve designed them to grow with your baby! And the best part? They’re machine washable. Browse through our collection of swaddle blankets and order yours today!

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