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Life-Changing Baby Hacks for Busy Parents

  • August 24, 2020


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Whether you’re working from home or in the office, or taking on the full-time job of watching your kids, moms and dads definitely have their hands full. For being such little people, our babies sure do make huge messes! If you’re not cleaning up after your child every 10 minutes, it can feel like your house is about to fall apart. That’s why we’ve taken some advice from busy parents and made a list of amazing baby hacks for moms and dads who could use the extra time to take care of personal matters, work an extra hour or two, or take a well-deserved nap.

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Organization Hacks

baby girl wearing wide pink headband with large ribbon

Drawer Dividers. Buy some dividers for the drawers in your baby dresser or create some yourself using corrugated cardboard and contact paper. Just like how a kitchen utensil organizer separates your flatware to make it more readily accessible, dividers in a baby dresser do the same thing. For your changing table, place diapers in one main section and baby wipes in another. Create smaller compartments with your dividers for pacifiers, baby powder, lotions, or creams. No more shuffling around to look for the ointment. By organizing your drawers into separated sections, you’ll know exactly where things are, and if you’re running low on an essential baby item.

Hanging Hair Accessories. Rather than stuffing your baby’s hair clips, bows, headbands, or hats into a bin, hang them up! When you’ve got cute headbands like Aubrey Gianna’s Abby Bow Headwrap, you’ll definitely want to put them up for display. For a fun DIY project, find a few planks of wood that are about the same size and stain it with a color that matches the rest of your room’s aesthetic. Hot glue several clothespins to the wood in a straight line. Organize your hair accessories by color or style, and screw the planks of wood onto the wall for an adorable display! If you don’t like the idea of hanging them up on a visible wall, hang them on the back of the door or on the inside of the baby closet for a more discreet placement.

Travel Hacks

baby boy in blue gingham pattern swaddle blanket and top knot hat

On-The-Go Snack Basket. There’s something about the car that seemingly makes babies cry longer and louder! Whether it’s because they’re hungry or uncomfortable, a crying baby could be instantly soothed by a quick snack. Keep a basket of healthy snacks in the car, such as easy-peel clementines, fruit snacks, or crackers. In the summertime, consider snacks like teethers, wafers, or goldfish crackers (that won’t go bad in the heat), and keep them in a small cooler.

Bungee Cord Your Toys. When going on a road trip, you’ll want to make sure your little one is fully entertained. For the kid that always drops their toys, hang a bungee cord around the poles of the headrest with their toys attached at the ends.

Pack Simply. When going on an extended trip, you might have considered checking an extra bag just for toys, diapers, and everything in between. When traveling with your baby, you’ll feel a lot less stressed packing just the essentials. When packing diapers, pack the normal amount your baby goes through in a day, plus one extra for accidents. For example, if you’re planning a seven-day trip, and your baby goes through about three diapers a day, then you’ll want to pack 28 diapers (four diapers multiplied by the number of days you’re traveling). Bring your baby’s favorite swaddle blanket to help them sleep in a new location and just a couple of their favorite toys.

Pro-Tip: Wrap their favorite toys in colorful paper! Unwrapping toys is a great way for them to pass the time, and it’ll get them even more excited to play with their toy!

Mealtime Hacks

baby girl in mustard yellow bow turban

Introduce New Foods With Their Favorites. If you know your toddler loves ketchup but isn’t a fan of broccoli, tear off small bits of broccoli and ask them to dip it in the ketchup. Or serve mac and cheese with a side of spinach. Your child will slowly recognize new foods as something familiar and associate it with their favorite foods.

Use Baby-Sized Utensils. Your baby will soon get to an age where they will want to do things on their own, such as feeding themselves. Rather than denying them the heavy metal fork that you know they’ll drop on the floor, let them hold a baby-sized spoon or fork and encourage them to try to use it themselves. While they focus on trying to scoop up some peas, you can do the actual feeding until they become more self-sufficient at feeding themselves.

Mess-Free Mealtime. There’s never a guarantee on having a successfully mess-free mealtime, but there are ways you can limit cleaning up both the high chair and your baby. Keep a pack of wipes at the dinner table so you can wipe your baby’s mouth throughout their meal. You might also want to consider a silicone bib with a drip catcher. A silicone bib is easy to wash and the pocket sticks out far enough to catch any spills. To keep their hair out of the way, use a top knot hat or a cute bow turban to prevent tomato soups and mashed bananas from sticking to their hair.

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