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Spring Cleaning and Organizing Ideas For Your Baby’s Closet

There’s no exact science when it comes to being a new parent. And there certainly isn’t one right way to organize your nursery. But this spring, there are steps you can take to make sure you and your babies’ bedrooms are set up for success (and it doesn’t involve binge-watching eight episodes of Marie Kondo).

Baby-size items have the power to create a very big mess in little to no time. Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique is here to give you ideas on preventing that clutter and organizing your nursery.

Revamp Your Changing Table

The first order of business is to address your changing table. Clear out all the contents in your table, and organize your items out on the floor. The first, or top, drawer(s) should be filled with your most frequently used items, such as diapers, wipes, burp cloths, rash cream, etc.

In addition to those essential items, keep a stack of folded swaddle blankets in the top drawer of the changing table. You’ll be thanking yourself after bath time hits, and your baby begins to fuss and shiver on the changing table. With fast access to our cozy and super soft swaddle blankets, your baby will be warm and snuggled up in no time. We recommend keeping three folded swaddle blankets in a drawer at a time.

flower print swaddle blanket

Arrange Clothes By Size, Style, and Season

After the baby shower, you’ll feel slightly overwhelmed by the amount of clothes — often in different sizes — that you receive. During this time of exponential growth, hang up your baby’s clothes in your closet by size first, separating each section with size organizers.

Then, organize the clothes by style. Place casualwear on one end of its section and formalwear on the other end. For two-piece sets, it’s important to keep them hanging together, even if the set uses two different hangers. Keep solid-color sets together in one section and printed sets in a section for a more cohesive look.

baby in pink two piece set on swaddle blanket

Lastly, you want to make sure the clothes hanging in the wardrobe are appropriate for the weather. For clothes that are out of season, place them in a plastic box underneath your crib, or in the bottom-most drawer of the changing table.

Organize Your Baby’s Accessories

Even as adults, it’s easy to lose a few hair ties every month or so. Nobody knows where they go, and chances are, you’re ready to buy new ones. For babies especially, it can be hard to keep track of all of their tiny headbands and hats.

One way to keep track of them is by hanging up a skinny tension rod in your baby’s closet. Add curtain clips to your rod, and clip your baby’s knit headbands, knot turbans, and other adorable accessories. By hanging your accessories in your closet, you’ll be able to better visualize the colors you have on hand, and how it coordinates with your baby’s outfit.

Donate Clothes That Don’t Fit

Springtime is the perfect excuse to clear out old and unwanted clothes to make room for new ones! However tempting it may be to hold onto your baby’s clothes, you should consider other families who may benefit more from your hand-me-downs than a dusty box in the attic will.

order aubrey gianna today

Grab out a donation bag or a cardboard box, and fill it with clothes and accessories your baby no longer needs. Remaining true to the Kon-Marie method, ask yourself if these items still bring you (or your baby) joy. If the answer is no, then thank it for its time and use in your life and let go.

Once you’ve donated your baby’s items and feel an urge to splurge, stop and consider what items you want to invest in. When you shop at Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique, you’re shopping for quality items that will last longer than a season. Such items include our wide nylon headbands, which are created with the softest nylon material that grows with your baby or toddler! And the best part? No compression marks on your baby’s head, guaranteed.

baby with pink wide nylon headband

Your nursery doesn’t have to be filled with the trendiest clothes, accessories, and furniture for the room to feel complete and beautiful. It’s the love and care you put into it that creates the perfect space for you and your baby. And when you follow these tips to declutter and reorganize your nursery, you’ll have more time to spend with your precious little one without the extra stress from the mess.

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