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Teach Your Toddler How to Garden

Gardening gives children the chance to learn about the cycle of life and other important lessons they can carry with them to adulthood, such as patience and environmental awareness. It’s also a fun outdoor activity you can share with your child, as you both take time to soak under the sun. Though there are many ways to get your little one excited about gardening, here are just a few ways to teach your toddler how to garden!

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Choose the Right Plants

The key to choosing the right plants for your toddlers is making sure that they’re easy to grow. Some good starter plants (that grow pretty quickly) include:

  • Sunflowers
  • Snapdragons
  • Morning Glories
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Snap Peas
  • Radishes
  • Baby Carrots
  • Basil

When you incorporate plants that will turn into a delicious, edible harvest, children are more likely to get excited about it!

Kid-Friendly Gardening Tools

At the ripe old age of two and three, your toddler probably feels that they’re ready to handle some big-boy or big-girl tools. While they’re not quite ready to hold a kitchen knife or tighten a screw with a wrench, they’re definitely capable of shoveling and raking some soil. There are a number of gardening tools, gloves, and watering cans that are made just for kids’ tiny hands!

By adding fun tools into the mix, your toddler has a chance to “feel grown-up” as they shovel the dirt like you do. A small watering can that suits your child’s strength can also get them excited about watering and growing their plants.

Create Good Habits

toddler in baby pink ribbed flower turban

One of the keys to success with gardening is consistency. Set aside 15 to 20 minutes everyday for your toddlers to tend to the garden, ideally after breakfast. They can get into the habit of planting and watering their baby plants as well as identifying and pulling out any unwanted weeds.

You can even get them a small kid-friendly camera so they can document their plants’ growing process everyday. Or if you want to take photos of your little one holding up the plants, make sure to dress them up in an adorable Ribbed Flower Turban for a picture-perfect moment. Our turbans are super stylish, comfortable, and can help keep your daughter’s hair out of her face as she gets to work on her garden.

After you’re all done gardening, make sure to teach your kids how to clean and put away their tools, so that they know where to find them the next time they want to garden.

Set Them Up For Success

As much as your child works hard to garden, sometimes, they miss the mark by a little bit. Whether it’s because they were too tired to garden that day or because they watered every spot in the soil except for where the seeds were, a toddler may not understand that there are more challenges than they realize. Make sure you’re working behind-the-scenes to set them up for success, starting with setting up their garden beds, or plots, with the best soil and light. You may also need to sneak off during their nap time to pick off a few slugs or water the areas they missed.

Another way to set up your toddler for success is by giving them resources for gardening. Buy a few different gardening books or picture books with different plants. Teach them about patience and reaping what you sow. Take them to the farmer’s market on the weekend and ask them to identify the different plants and vegetables they see. The more you expose your toddler to the exciting world of gardening, the more successful they will be.

toddler and baby sister in matching floral print baby clothes

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