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Tricks to Keep Your Baby’s Headband On

We all love to dress up our daughters in cute bows and headbands, but keeping the bands on is a struggle that parents are all too familiar with, especially when you’ve got newborns and toddlers. Your baby’s initial reaction is to take it off because they’re unfamiliar with the feeling. But there’s hope! Believe it or not, there are special tips and tricks to keeping headbands on your little one’s head. Whether it’s for a family photo or because you want to show her femininity, Aubrey Gianna Boutique’s got you covered!

Use Soft, Stretchy Material

For a newborn, a plastic hard headband or a headband with teeth may not be the best option. A newborn baby’s head is especially delicate, as the skull is still forming at this time. Aubrey Gianna’s Skinny Nylon Headbands are made with the softest, stretchiest nylon material, and never leaves compression marks! For toddlers, we recommend our Wide Nylon Headbands, made with the same super soft and comfortable nylon fabric as our skinny headbands. They’ve been baby-tested for comfort and approved!

Start Young

In addition to using comfortable material, experienced mothers will tell you to start placing headbands on your baby from day one, for just a few minutes. When a baby starts to wear something every day, it becomes a part of their routine. Once they become familiar with the feeling of a band, they won’t blink twice when you slip one on their head for your next family Christmas photo.

Moms Should Wear One Too

The first woman a little girl looks up to is usually her mother. Your girls watch you put on lipstick in the morning, and when you’re not looking, they’ll dig in your purse to find your lipstick and try it on for themselves. They want to be just like you! If you wear a headband with her, then your baby girl will have a stronger desire to wear it for longer. A key to keeping a headband on your daughter’s head is for her to genuinely like wearing one.

But the most important tip to keep in mind is that it will take practice and time. Once your baby or toddler grows used to leaving her headband on, the journey of accessorizing begins! As each day passes, your baby girl will only grow bigger. Now’s the time to dress her up and take as many cute photos as you can! From bow turbans to knit headbands, Aubrey Gianna Boutique has an adorable selection of pretty hair accessories for your precious one. Browse our collection and order yours now!

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