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About Us

 About the founder:
How Mompreneur became my full time calling!
First of all I want to personally thank you for stopping by, it is an honor for me to share my story with you. I’m Tania, owner and creator of Aubrey Gianna. I grew up in Argentina and moved to the US when I was 11 years old. This was a big adjustment in my life and it was not easy but looking back I am beyond grateful that my parents made the decision to sacrifice and give me a chance to live the "American dream" which is exactly what this business has been for me.
There's alot that comes with our business but behind it I'm a busy Christian mom of three girls and wife to a creative-fix it all amazing husband that might need a little help finding his tools. Oh and let’s add a crazy wild Labrador named Hazel to this mix. Hazel happens to be Aubrey’s shadow, what a blessing! Currently, I am homeschooling my oldest daughter who has Aspergers Syndrome. While this is not an easy road, I would not be able to give my daughter the help she needs without this business. Needless to say there is never a dull day in our house, or a quiet one.
How Aubrey Gianna started
Aubrey Gianna's Boutique started about nine years ago when my first girl Aubrey Gianna, was born (hint the name). As a first time mom I struggled so much to find quality unique bows for my bald baby girl that was often mistaken by a boy.
So I took it into my own hands and started creating all kinds of bows, this became a passion which led me to selling online.
Through the grace of God, my “bow hobby” quickly became a second income for our growing family. Through the years God blessed us with two more girls "yay", more inspiration for what our brand is today !
Never in a million years did I think this business would grow to be not only provision for our family but something I get to do everyday with so much joy! They say if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life and that is exactly what running Aubrey Gianna feels like.

Our goal as a company is to bring hand picked high quality items at affordable prices to your home. This business is a dream come true for me. I love every part of this business, from the product, to the customer, to the order. I promise you will hear from me at some point along the way, and I want to hear from you! I love connecting with other moms on social media and being able to see precious babies wearing our products. With each photo, my day is brightened.

Thank you for supporting our family! I look forward to serving you and your little one. God bless.
Aubrey Gianna Boutique is a Faith based company. Our favorite verse for little ones is:
"I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalm 139:13

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